Get to Know Andrew Demeny

  • Andrew started employment at Frattalone Companies in August of 2014 (10 years).
  • Favorite part of your job? – “It is something different every day. Also, I like diagnosing difficult problems.”
  • Hometown/family? – “I am from White Bear Lake and currently live in Hugo, MN with my wife (Jessica) and children (Kiley, Mykah, Austen and Leonardo).”
  • First Job? – “Working for my dad doing home renovations at the age of 12.”
  • Favorite sport? – “Hockey. I’ve coached my daughter and I play in a beer league.”
  • Favorite place to visit? – “West Yellowstone, Montana”
  • Dream vacation? – “Snowboarding or snowmobiling in Colorado.”
  • First thing on your bucket list? – “Doing smokey burnouts in one of my many dream cars.”
  • Motto? – “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”
Demeny, Andrew 2023