Frattalone Companies was awarded the civil site construction and demolition work for the new Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office project by Stahl Construction. The project includes demolition, earthwork, and utilities. Demolition and earthwork started in October. The demolition work included a two-story separation of the existing structure. Debris was transported to Dem-Con Landfill for disposal.

Earthwork included excavation and offsite removal of 50,000 cubic yards of soil to prepare the site for the new 100,000 square foot building. Soil corrections were required for both the road and building pad. When completed the project will include a total of 6,558 linear feet of new sewer, water, storm sewer and drain tile lines. Storm sewer installation included depths up to 19 feet. Work on the project will continue through the winter and be completed by Fall of 2024

The estimating team included David Nelson – earthwork, Erik Paulson – utilities and Chris Niemand – demolition. Paul Pearson is handling project management for the earthwork and demolition and Scott Buche for the utilities. The project General Superintendent is Dan Sebesta and the Superintendents are: Lee Gass, Joe Banttari and Pat Jones.

Lee Gass - Hennepin County Jail
Shawn Miller - Hennepin County