In the Fall 2022, Frattalone broke ground on a large-scale multi-use redevelopment in Chaska, MN.  The Oak Ridge Commons development contains four main components: townhouse development, future Costco pad, a new ring road and Hwy 41 Roundabout Construction.

Frattalone is working as the general contractor for the developer onsite and our earthwork crews will self-perform the mass excavation at the townhouse site, the Costco site, the on-site ring road and MNDOT roundabout.  In addition, our utility crews will install the storm sewer, sanitary sewer and watermain feeding the development.

The mass grading will include the excavation for over 10,000 LF of retaining wall and the import of over 48,000 tons of sand for wall backfill.  FCI crews will also export over 75,000 cy of material from the site and perform soil corrections over 20 feet deep.  All told, the Frattalone earthwork crews will move nearly 500,000 cy of material throughout the course of the project.

On the utility side, Frattalone crews will install nearly 6,500 LF of pipe with some of the deeper sanitary runs being over 30 feet deep.  During the MNDOT roundabout construction, FCI crews will install storm sewer pipe casings as large as 54” in diameter.

The project team consists of Carl Maki as Project Manager, William Swenson as Assistant Project Manager, Mitch Larson as General Superintendent, Nick White and Matt Hintzman as Superintendents. They will  coordinate asphalt, concrete and retaining wall subs as well as MNDOT officials to ensure a smooth running project.

The project was bid by Tom Everson and Carl Maki.