Get to Know Jeannie Gamboni

Jeannie Gamboni (Assistant Controller) started employment at Frattalone Companies in January of 1989 (34 years).

  • Favorite part of your job? – “I love the fast pace during the construction season, special projects and the people.”
  • Hometown and family? – “I grew up in White Bear Lake and currently live in North Branch with my husband, Dale. Someday, I would love to live in the South where it is warm all the time! I have 2 sons (Justin & Travis), 2 daughters (Danielle & Kelsey), one granddaughter (Viola), 2 grandsons (Clark and Ian) and some grand-pets.”
  • First Job? – “Upgren’s Hardware in White Bear Lake”
  • Favorite sports and hobbies? – “I like to fish, but my husband says all I do is ‘hold the pole’. No baiting or taking fish off!  I also love to knit, crochet and embroider.”
  • Dream vacation? – “Maui, Hawaii”
  • Fun facts? – “I have a very big family!  I come from a family of 7 (6 girls/1 boy) and my husband is from a family of 10 (7 girls/3 boys). Also, I am known at work as “Jeannie likes pink!” Referring to the pink copy of truck tickets. I really do like pink!”