Get to Know Jessica Koecher

Jessica Koecher (laborer) started employment at Frattalone Companies in April of 2020.

  • Favorite part of your job? – “The everyday challenge to the end result.”
  • Hometown? – “I grew up in Harris, MN and currently live in Cushing, WI.”
  • Pets? – “Yes, two cats (Smokey and Bandit) and a dog (Willow Bug).”
  • First Job? – “I worked at a Hallmark Store Skelton Drug Store when I was 15.”
  • Favorite sports and hobbies? – “I have too many! Anything outdoors!!”
  • Favorite food? – “Homemade Tacos”
  • First think on your bucket list? – “Get my private pilot license”
  • Dream vacation? – “A cabin overlooking the Valdez mountains in Alaska.
  • Fun fact? – “I am a beauty school drop out.”
  • Greatest Accomplishment? – “I built my own home from start to finish (2 years).”
  • Idol/Inspiration? – “My dad, Jim Koecher – 49er of 34 years!”
  • Motto?- “To be a better version of who I was yesterday!”