From The Hook

The Frattalone Companies’ fishing contest runs annually from April 1st to March 31st and is open to all employees and their immediate family members. 

Standings as of 2.14.22 

Bass: 1st John Mossberg 19.25”; 2nd Brooke Boss 18.5”; 3rd Hailey Hurley 17” 

Northern: 1st Austin Gass 32.5”; 2nd Tom DeBace 31”; 3rd Hailey Hurley 29” 

Walleye: 1st Charlie Jewett 31”; 2nd Justin Boss 29.5”; 3rd Sam Collova 19.5” 

Sunfish: 1st Austin Gass 11”; 2nd Hayden Eiler 9”; 3rd Blake Eiler 8.75” 

Crappie: 1st Hailey Hurley 13”; 2nd Blake Eiler 10.75”; 3rd Hayden Eiler 10.25” 

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